Direct Access Care

Direct Access Care


Every first visit with Dr. Jane includes a 1.5-2.5 hours consultation or in depth analysis to understand all your imbalances and the root cause. 

The cost for first in depth a complete homeopathic consultation is $400 (financial assistance is available if you ask). Then you can expect to pay $75-100 per follow up as needed. You receive:

  • direct access to Dr Jane for any concerns for 2 weeks after any payment
  • one osteopathic healing body work treatment
  • counseling 
  • your remedy (if you pick it up here)

In some cases,  a few supportive supplements (which you purchase on your own. I do not sell supplements) may be recommended to help you especially if your case is more complex. However, usually one remedy can help many issues. Not everyone heals right away with homeopathic natural medicine. Some need several visits, several remedies and coaching to get their health back. Others need only one remedy!

Direct Access Support: Call anytime between 9am-8pm Monday any day of the week. If I do not answer, I will return your call within 24 hours but usually within the hour.

Email: Patients can email the office for scheduling, questions and other non-urgent topic. Emails are answered less frequently and as time allows, which can be delayed during times of travel or high volume of email. If there is any concern that requires prompt response, or you have not received a reply from an email in the timeframe you desire, please call or text me.

Telehealth – Off-Site Consultation: Patients can schedule consultation by telephone or web audio-video conference using Googlemeet, iphone video or Skype if in-person visits are not convenient.