Give me a personal call for individual pricing.


Remedies prescribed here are very inexpensive. You can buy them from Dr Jane or online or at a health food store usually for $8-20 each. Only 1 remedy will be prescribed at a time. Occasionally more remedies will be required over time. Each remedy should last you at least one month or up to several years depending on how often you will need to repeat a dose. Each remedy is meant to stimulate and improve your health.

Usual fee for personal homeopathic care is $200/hour. Consult prices vary based on complaint(s), age and chronicity. Additional fees are charged for osteopathic manipulation.

I do not participate with any third party payers. This means I do not accept any insurance plan, Medicare, Medicaid, Worker’s Compensation,  and other such arrangements.


Health shares may reimburse you for my services.

Health savings accounts usually reimburse you for my services as well.

Cash, Venmo or check preferred.
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