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Dr. Remedy Jane- Licensed Osteopathic Family Physician, treating others with fully researched natural options.


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Olivia Hussey - Remedy Jane Advocate

Olivia Hussey, award winning actress and natural health advocate, spent a lifetime dealing with chronic issues until she met Dr. Jane.

Olivia saw immediate results after being treated by Dr. Jane's homeopathic, all natural medicine, witnessing first hand the true power of the tiny, gentle doses.

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It is with great pleasure that I freely and willingly provide testimony for Dr. Jane! 


I have spent a lifetime dealing with various chronic issues (especially anxiety and pain) and am eternally grateful for the relief Dr. Jane has granted me with her homeopathic remedies!    


Dr. Jane treated me with care and compassion as she enlightened me with regards to the history of homeopathy and the power of its tiny, gentle doses. 


The results were immediate as I felt a definite improvement in my anxiety and aches. 


I am now a firm believer in this amazing healing form of medicine! 


Thank you, Dr. Jane!   


Olivia Hussey, Award winning actress and Natural Health Advocate

Dr. Jane helped me more than any pain management doctor. I went to her in agony, couldn't even lie down. With her remedy I was feeling better the same day and was able to lie down and sleep! I'm feeling great now and chronic pain I was told I'd have to live with is gone. Thank you, Dr. Jane!


When nothing else was helping me, Dr. Jane helped me break the cycle of my insomnia issue by using homeopathy. She is knowledgeable and caring. She is in contact after the initial appointment and is great with follow up. I appreciate having a physician who is trained in homeopathy. I recommend giving Dr. Jane a try.


After taking medication prescribed by my family doctor for 8 months, I still suffered with the same problems. I went to see Dr Jane. She patiently listened and asked many questions before giving me a natural formula with NO drugs. I had immediate results! Problems gone! Dr Jane is amazing! I strongly recommend her!


Dr. Jane is awesome! Unlike you’re used to with “regular doctors”, she sits with you for awhile, no rushing, and learns everything about you. She fixes YOUR own personal problem. I highly recommend her.

K Ria